Thank You


Golden Artist Colors, Inc.

Many thanks goes to Golden Artist Colors, Inc for their generosity in so many ways to help this mural project move forward.

They have kindly donated all the paints needed for recreating this 60' x 65' mural - an incredible gift that reduced our fundraising needs tremendously. 

In addition to the paint donation they are also scanning the original rendering colors so to match the original paint used. They will custom mix the necessary colors so to ensure an accurate recreation in color saving the muralist team an extensive amount of time. 

Heartfelt thanks to Mark Golden and his team at Golden Artist Colors, Inc. 

The Ruta's in their Westbeth studio

The Ruta's in their Westbeth studio

Peter and Suzanne Ruta

Artist Peter Ruta, friend and colleague of Arnold Belkin has been an incredible source of information about the painter Arnold Belkin and about New York City during the time "Against Domestic Colonialism" was painted. Peter Ruta, celebrated artist and member of the Westbeth Artist Community.

Suzanne Ruta, author of "To Algeria, With Love", "Stalin in the Bronx, and Other Stories" amongst many other literary contributions has offered her memory of steel harkening back to the days they lived and worked with Arnold Belkin.



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